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The image shown above is a single lit image. Light is on the left side of the photographer feathering across the face. Login and learn how to light newborn babies.

Brand new course!

best baby lighting in five days

Welcome to our Best Baby Lighting 5 Day course. Below is the outline for the week!

You can login every day or catch up when you have time.

Sunday 10/25 Beanbag lighting

Monday 10/26 Working on the Floor: Angel wings, Wreath, Heart Bowl

Tuesday 10/27 The Bucket and Bed

Wednesday 10/28 The Dreamcatcher

Thursday 10/29 Wrap up and more lighting samples.

Please let me know any challenges you have with lighting.

This course focuses on studio lighting.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction

  • 2


    • My equipment

  • 3

    Beanbag lightingDay One Basic Beanbag Posing

    • Shooting over the beanbag

    • Shooting with baby on the beanbag

  • 4


    • Angel wings, Wreath, Heart Bowl Videos

  • 5

    The Bucket and Bed

    • The Bucket and Bed

  • 6

    The Dreamcatcher

    • The Dreamcatcher

  • 7

    Wrap up and more lighting samples.

    • Raw Client Session

  • 8

    Family lighting

    • Single light Family Lighting

  • 9


    • Lighting conclusion