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“I am enjoying all these editing! Learning a lot! Especially thanks to Ana and all teachers here! ”


“Hey Everyone! My name is Krystal and I own Krystal Klear Photography. I LOVED the first summit and am excited for this summit as well! Thank you for putting this together and thank you to all of the teachers for sharing your knowledge with all of us!!”


“ Thank you for this 2nd Summit...the first one was AWESOME!. I'm a newbie and these sessions are filled with so much knowledge and inspiration. ”


“Thank you Ana Brant for such powerful words..I have been following your work for quite a long time now and learning a lot from you.. you are amazing.. And Thank you so much for all of the teachers here for such a great effort.. you all are wonderful people.. I did enjoy every single class and learnt a lot.. love you all.. thank you.. ”


“ Thank you Ana and to all the teachers that have given up time for both this and volume one. I am still in Lockdown in Scotland but I have learned so much I am itching to get back to work and put it all into practice. ”


“Christy, this was a great class! Every once in a while I enter a competition, now I will know how to refine it and prepare the images better, thank you.”


“Wow (Sara), just beautiful!!! I love your art..I wrote just about everything you said. I love PS and eager to learn. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. ”


“This is amazing content curated from such talented instructors. Thank you for your time and generosity💕 ”


“Wow! Thanks for your words! very wise ones. Yes, if I give it a thought, I wish I would have done a lot of things different from the beginning, but never is late to change for better! Thank you Ana, this Summit has been amazing!, It has been very motivating and inspirational. I've learned so much with every video. Now, new way of thinking and visualizing my business. So many things to do better with all the tips of such many great photographers. I'm getting the Summit so I can view it over and over, every time I need to go back to review tips and editing. And yes, the best is yet to come! Thanks again, God bless you and keep safe! ”


“I would like to thank you Anna and team,for this awesome summit. It was really helpful and packed with amazing informations and content. Teachers were amazing as well.I have learned so much in just 1 week that I would not believe it. Great job. Thank you again.”