Course curriculum

    1. Audio of Client Prep and Process

    2. Video showing the Materials

    1. Client Prep and Process Kit PDF {19 pages} Includes 3 Forms

    1. Your Business Card

    2. Welcome Baby Card

    3. Client Session Confirmation

    4. Nursing list

    5. After the Session

    6. Referral Program

    7. After the Ordering Appointment

    8. Video Card

    9. Thank You Cards

    10. Image Release Cards

    11. Packaging Tags

    12. Bonus item: Model Discount Card

    1. Print and Prep your Guide

    2. The final note and resources

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

Client Prep & Process Kit

The idea behind a client prep collection is to fully prepare your clients for their session. They have paid their deposit and now they are anxious for their photo session. Photography is a luxury business and therefore providing client support and appropriate press items will help elevate your brand and make your clients feel that you are not only worthy of your session fee, but will also have a great expectation for their session. In this course we will go over my client materials, and provide the templates for you to make your own kit.