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From Card to Client | taught by Ana Brandt
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Ana Brandt
Ana Brandt

About the instructor

Ana Brandt has been a professional photographer for more than 19 years. She's been teaching for  11 years. She is an international speaker and leads a successful studio in Tustin, California.

Ana Brandt ha sido fotógrafa profesional desde hace más de 19 años. Ha estado enseñando durante casi 11 años. Es conferencista internacional y dirige un exitoso estudio en Tustin, California.

Included in our Kit

PDF Guide Explaining the Press Items

Photoshop files for all of our Press Samples

Business CardWelcome Baby Blank Note Card
Nursing List
Client Confirmation Card
After Session 4x8 Rack Card
4x8 Referral Card
Business Card
Video card
Order timeline delivery card
Image Release Card
Referral Card
Thank You Card
3x3 Note card explanation
Delivery package tag
Thank you note cards

And Contracts for

Digital Packages

The idea behind a client prep collection is to fully prepare your clients for their session. They have paid their deposit and now they are anxious for their photo session. Photography is a luxury business and therefore providing client support and appropriate press items will help elevate your brand and make your clients feel that you are not only worthy of your session fee, but will also have a great expectation for their session.

Quite often the session will be amazing, only to find an unhappy client later leaving bad reviews. Why does this happen? Often times it is lack of communication in delivery and process. All studios big or small should have a client fulfillment production cycle with supporting documents. This means that there is a process and procedure in which you follow consistently from the beginning of the session to the end. Many Photographers do not prepare for growth. You think that because you are a small studio with just a few clients that you do not need printed press or procedures. This could not be farther from the truth, because the plan is that you WILL grow. Your Business if handled correctly will flourish and be amazing and if you implement process and procedures now you can refine them and make them even more amazing as you grow.

Have you been around awhile? Are your procedures consistent? Are things working ok? Or are you constantly having client issues in deliver and procedures? Whatever the answer, anytime to refine your Business and make it better is always needed. We need to always improve and make our work and our process better.

I think you will find that the more you prepare, communicate and follow thru with your clients the happier they will be, which we hope brings in more referrals and provides a flourishing Business.


Note we used the following Guides for our clients - they are included in the Client Prep and Guide Course in the Learning Center and are not in this kit.

Pregnancy Client Guide - 8x8 booklet
Newborn Client Guide - 8x8 booklet
Pregnancy and Newborn Client Guide - 8x8 booklet


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