Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to the Creative Newborn

    • Wrapping Success

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    Creative Wrapping

    • Wrap Samples

    • Basic Swaddle

    • Baby Ball Wrap

    • Braid Wrap

    • Bundle Baby Wrap 1

    • Bundle Baby Wrap 2

    • Bundle Baby Wrap 3 with Lace wrap

    • Bundle Wrap with Sash

    • Baby Bow Wrap

    • Cross Over Wrap

    • Halter Wrap

    • Wrap with Felted Layer

    • Wrap Editing

    • Wrap Names and Measurements

    • Certificate request

    • Questions?

Creative Newborn Wrapping

Welcome to the Creative Newborn wrapping course. I have been wrapping babies for 20 years and one thing I know for sure - babies love to be wrapped!  My clients ask me all the time to show them how to wrap. Well in this course anyone can see my wrapping and how I wrap in these new creative techniques.

There are 10 videos in this course!

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