Making Money as a Photographer

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Ana Brandt
Ana Brandt

About the instructor

Ana Brandt has been a professional photographer for more than 19 years. She's been teaching for  11 years. She is an international speaker and leads a successful studio in Tustin, California.

Ana Brandt ha sido fotógrafa profesional desde hace más de 19 años. Ha estado enseñando durante casi 11 años. Es conferencista internacional y dirige un exitoso estudio en Tustin, California.

Did you know that the Average successful Entrepreneur has 7 streams of revenue? That means you should have revenue coming from 7 unique places. If you fall ill, if you need to go on vacation or if one Business is slow, the income from the other sources will help you thru. 

In this brand new webinar Ana will go over 20 ways to earn money as a Photographer. Ana will show examples and give ideas to help you make more money right away!

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A live webinar THURSDAY

July 15th 

12pm PST

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We are finally doing this webinar. I was going to cancel but it kept receiving emails.

What we will talk about.

First things first - the Holiday Season is coming...

Holiday Promos - creating, marketing and selling - what works and what doesn't.

I am then going to talk about EIGHTEEN - yes 18 other ways you can make money!

This will be recorded!

You will also be able to ask questions and see my examples.

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