Course curriculum

    1. Welcome and Introduction, why are we here?

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    1. Who Are You - AND - How Did You Get Here?

    2. Your Journey - Our Journey - My Journey

    3. Your Confidence Level - where are we on the scale

    4. What are we doing anyway and why? What is it that you want?

    1. Consistency is the Key to Success - How and Why to be Consistent

    2. To Know Where We are Going…We must know where we came from

    3. Your Intention

    1. Luck or Opportunities? How to figure out which you have or how to find them.

    2. Who is your Client - and FINDING them

    3. Podcast - Like Moths to a Flame

    4. Social Media Diversion

    5. Canva and Blogstomp

    6. Delegation - Time Management - Creating work and Personal Schedules

    7. Prepared for the Opportunity!

    8. Wants, Needs, Desires and a Business Plan

    9. Your Business: Do you Rely On Verbal Instant Feedback??

    10. What do you want for your Business?

    1. Social and Marketing Webinar

    2. Marketing Myths

    3. Making your Marketing work for you

    4. Are you hungry enough?

    1. Lighting and Confidence

    2. My Lighting

    3. Another Video on Lighting - Which WAY and Why

    4. Workflow - how can you create one?

    5. Transitional Posing and Pose Transitioning PDF

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