A brand new class

This course is all new and began January 18. It will run for 20 days. You can login at anytime and watch.  A new lesson is posted every evening.

We will cover:

Adobe Photoshop AND Lightroom techniques

RAW and JPEG techniques

Determining proper camera settings for easier editing.

Color corrections, understanding Kelvin and color tones.

How to use Actions

How to edit WITHOUT actions

Using layers, exposure adjustments and curves

Newborn editing for skin

Newborn composites

Family Newborn Editing

Maternity editing for low key, hi key and backlighting

Maternity techniques, special effects and coloring

and more!

Take your Maternity to the next level

Learn how to hand edit and then what actions to use and how to make your images stand out.

Master your Newborn editing

To master your newborn editing, you need to start when you take the picture. We will discus what you need to during the session and then help you out in LIGHTROOM and Photoshop editing, so whichever program you use you can learn!