Motivated Marketing

taught by Ana Brandt
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Ana Brandt
Ana Brandt

About the Instructor

Ana Brandt has been a professional photographer for more than 19 years. She's been teaching for  11 years. She is an international speaker and leads a successful studio in Tustin, California.

Ana Brandt ha sido fotógrafa profesional desde hace más de 19 años. Ha estado enseñando durante casi 11 años. Es conferencista internacional y dirige un exitoso estudio en Tustin, California.

Need Motivation?

Need Marketing?

Ana Brandt challenged Photographers this year to spend 15 days marketing their business.

The result?

"It really pushed me to step far and away from my comfort zone. I’m so timid with social media that it really inspired me to get over myself and get done what needs to be done for my own growth as a business. I’m so excited to go back through the whole course and take even better notes so I can continue to do this throughout the year, your marketing calendar is going to be so useful! I laminated each month and stuck it in my passion planner. I would say cleaning up my website and social media really helped me realize that I am worth something, I do have a good eye and I am constantly improving. Flip it will take the most time to get used to for me, I just need to play with it more to understand it better." Victoria

"I really liked the organizational aspects of the class and the push to be present on social media. I Hope that I can continue to grow my email list so I can reach more people with my newsletter.

My biggest takeaway would be scheduling social media posts! When I’m able to afford some of the auto schedulers, I will definitely use them! I’ll use facebooks as its free but I love the Pinterest one!" Beth

"This challenge pushed me way out of my comfort zone, but it was so worth it! I have had 8 new email subscribers this week and I know it wouldn’t have happened without this course! It is so wonderful to have not only a course and wonderful teacher that pushes you, but a group to work with + hold you accountable for getting it done! This was such a challenge, but so much fun. It made you think outside the box and put yourself out there again! LOVED IT!!! My biggest takeaway were some of the websites that help you with contests. I know that may sound silly, but I had no idea they existed and it is SO much easier to keep track of contests through Rafflecopter which is the one I chose to try! Facebook live video was another one. I have always been too scared, but knowing that a group was scared with me and we all did it anyways was totally worth it + slightly invigorating!" Amanda

"I love this challenge , I also made it a goal to do every day on that day it wasn’t easy but I’m so glad I did it! It pushed me to get things done and to find many new ways to better my marketing. I found I could have an on line store, I made more new tabs with links to buy now or so people could know about upcoming specials. Even though the live video scared me I can’t wait to do another. This challenge gave me more confidence in marketing and putting my self out there more. I will keep up on my newsletter, and keep everything up to date. Thank you again Ana " Mira

Course Contents

8 Videos
15 Texts
1 Audio

Course Index

Day One: The Newsletter
Day Two: Referral Program
Day Five: Specials
Day Eight: Pin Fun
Day Nine: Product Photo Marketing
Day Ten: Moms Groups
Day 11: Social Invitations and Integrations
Day 12: Video Marketing
Day 13: Flipping
Day 14: Social Promotions
Day 15: Going Live