Posing with Parents

a new mini course with Ana Brandt

Do you get stuck when posing Parents with newborns? In this mini course, we provide two videos showing Parent Posing. We have also included guides of sample session images from both videos and a third guide with additional Parent Posing Samples. Learning to work with newborns is important, however; mastering direction with the Parents completes the collection.

What is Included

Login and learn immediately to learn how to pose newborns with Parents.

  • Parenting Posing Video

  • Family Posing Video

  • Three PDF Guides of images from both videos and additional Images.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to Parent Posing

    • Tips for Posing Parents

    • Tips for Posing Families

  • 2

    Sample Videos

    • Parent Posing Video

    • Family Posing {behind the scenes}

  • 3

    Wrap Up

    • Sample Ideas for Posing

    • Clothing Guidelines

    • Questions