Photoshop 101

begins April 7

Photoshop 101

Basic tools you need to know- overall overview

Camera to client general workflow - what you must do

Hand editing and actions overview

Basic Newborn Editing for skin - jaundice, redness, shaping and more

Changing colors

Changing textures

Newborn dramatic editing

Everything you need to know about liquify



Working with Ai

Pregnancy basic editing

Pregnancy Fabric editing

Pregnancy overlays and dramatic editing

Enhancing the shapes and bumps and more

Begins April 7 and goes for 30 days

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Day One Introduction

    • Quick Into to the class

    • Lightroom Cull

    • Basic Hand Edit Newborn background and skin

  • 2

    Lets' get to work! Editing Editing Editing

    • Pregnancy Low Key Edit + Background Texture

    • Adding texture to background of baby image

    • Single light backlighting edit

    • Pregnancy EDIT + AI