About this course

learn how to take great images using natural light. This course has just started and is still in session. New lessons load every few days.

Bored? Stressed? Need to understand your camera? Want to take great photos at home? Whether you are a hobbyist, amateur or Pro who needs a better understanding of the exposure triangle, light and taking great pictures with natural light...this is a great course. First 7 lessons are up and you can start right now! All New - Login and learn Portrait Photography online course I wrote this course two years ago for a company that wanted me to write it and sell it to them. We never did and it stayed on my drives. I switched to a new computer this weekend and realized we never published it. What a fun find. I loaded the first 7 lessons so you can login and learn immediately. The remaining lessons are on a drip schedule for all next week. If you are a Premium Member of the Learning center at Belly Baby School - its already in your account. This is not included in the Ana Brandt membership site. You can purchase and take $150.00 OFF and get it for $49.00 this weekend. Use code camera

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Photographing Indoors and Outdoors - Rainy Day

    • Indoor - Outdoor Rainy Day Video

    • Shooting in the Doorway

  • 3

    Photographing Outside

    • Video of an outside shoot - cloudy day

    • Pause and Shoot

  • 4

    Back to the Details

    • Lets Go over ALL the Settings Again and Train our Shutter Mind

    • Depth of Field

    • Depth of Field Part 2

    • Framing flowers

    • Framing Flowers Part 2

    • Backlighting

    • Homework

    • Sunrise session

  • 5

    Creating Work

    • The Portrait Artist

    • Your Style and Tools

  • 6

    Working Indoors Shooting and Editing

    • Creating a Portrait Indoors using Reflectors

    • Video Sample 1

    • Video Sample 2

    • Lightroom Show

    • Editing In Photoshop

  • 7

    Creating a Portrait Business

    • The Portrait Photographer

    • Self Portraits

    • The Self Portrait