Sell Yourself

taught by Ana Brandt
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Ana Brandt
Ana Brandt

About the Instructor

Ana Brandt has been a professional photographer for more than 19 years. She's been teaching for  11 years. She is an international speaker and leads a successful studio in Tustin, California.

Ana Brandt ha sido fotógrafa profesional desde hace más de 19 años. Ha estado enseñando durante casi 11 años. Es conferencista internacional y dirige un exitoso estudio en Tustin, California.

Stop editing every image. Stop underselling. Start valuing your work.

This course was originally taught over a 7 day period.

LEARN how to sell.
LEARN what your clients want.
SEE the Sales Process.
LEARN what to do BEFORE AND After.
LEARN how to prepare images for selling.
LEARN how to sell Digitals.
LEARN how to sell Product.
LEARN where and how to order your products.
Get a full RESOURCE of every vendor I use.


I Ana Brandt have been a photographer for 17 years. Thru film- thru digital – thru the ups and downs of the economy. My business has never stopped growing – not once. I know what my clients want. I know how to value my work. I am tired of seeing the frustration out there in the Photography world. This is your year. Claim your business – get it together – like now! You can do this! We can all do this. It can be ok. And NO – you do not need to edit every single image.

This is for anyone that wants to learn how to sell, prepare images, sell images, and effectively turn a profit in their business. Whether you choose to sell online or in person – packages or not.

THIS is NOT for those who are TEACHING. If you are teaching, we assume you know your stuff!

Course Contents

2 Videos
4 Texts
7 Audios