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New Baby Lawn Signs

Same Wall Guide Template

Maternity Dress Colors Edit

Backlit Maternity Editing

Behind the Scenes of a Newborn cot

Milestone Baby Edit and a few more other surprises!

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The Worldwide Summit

will continue...

6000 students registered for our Summit this week and we have received emails, stories and kind words from around the world - thank you! We have committed to running the Summit for 6 months! Each month we will feature BRAND new material from Industry Speakers. Are you interested in speaking for us? Click here to apply. The Summit is free to watch worldwide for 7 days. No strings attached! To support our efforts, we will be launching Belly Baby Summit Merchandise and offering Sponsorship opportunities for Vendors. Thank you for your Support!

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Teacher Bios

    • Ana Brandt

    • Barkha Agarwal

    • Casey Dittmer

    • Cindy Saechao

    • Deborah Koch

    • Denise Lewinski

    • Elisa Cogotti

    • Emily Julander

    • Gaby Chung

    • Jody Autumn

    • Jonathan Tilley

    • Karen Bagley

    • Kristen Nicotra

    • Lauren Bennett

    • Lindsay Walden

    • Lizzy McMillan

    • Malia Battilana

    • Margaret Han

    • MJ Biasi

    • Nikki Lenae

    • Rebecca Connolly

    • Sandra Moffatt

    • Shonda Feather

    • Tara Ruby

  • 3


    • Ana Brandt: Client Prep

    • Ana Brandt: Baby Wrapping with the SIB

    • Cindy Saechao - Educating and so much more

    • Denise Lewinski - Using Fresh Flowers to Make a Blanket of Flowers

    • Jonathan Tilley: Wholehearted marketing during a crisis

    • Sandra Moffatt - Newborn Safety: Chin Under Hand Pose

    • Day One Complete

  • 4


    • Deborah Koch: Childrens Photography

    • Gaby Chung: Virtual Sales Appointments with Zoom or Skype

    • Lauren Bennett: Editing Workflow

    • MJ Biasi -Business Marketing

    • Sandra Moffatt - Newborn Safety - Froggy Pose

    • Tara Ruby: Composites

    • Day Two Complete

  • 5


    • Barkha Agarwal - Must -Haves for an Unforgettable Photoshoot Experience

    • Elisa Cogotti - Potato Sack and Wrapping Technique

    • Kristen Nicotra: Business to Business Connection: Why It’s Essential for Growth

    • Kristen Nicotra: Cake Smash Lighting

    • Sandra Moffatt: Bum Up Pose

    • Day Three Complete

  • 6


    • Karen Bagely - Build a Six-Figure Maternity Studio

    • Lizzy McMillan- Bean Bag Posing

    • Malia B - 20 Little Dirty Secrets Every Newborn Photographer Should Know

    • Rebecca Connolly - Secrets to Achieving Beautiful Skin in Newborns

    • Sandra Moffatt: Side Laying and Back Pose

    • Shonda Feather. - In Home Newborn Sessions

    • Hump Day Marketing Idea with Ana Brandt

    • Day Four Complete

  • 7


    • Casey Dittmer: Creating Client Impact with Dynamic Maternity Portraits

    • Cindy - Saechao - Newborn Flow

    • Elisa Cogotti - Newborn editing

    • Kristin Nicotra - Color changing

    • Margaret Han - Getting Creative with one backdrop

    • Sandra Moffatt - Taco Pose

    • Ana Brandt - Marketing Minute

    • Newborn video

    • Day Five Complete

  • 8


    • Emily Julander

    • Elisa Cogotti - Froggy and Bum Up

    • Kristen Nicotra - Mom/Sibling/Newborn pose

    • Jody Autumn - Lighting Basics - Choosing the Right Gear for you and your Studio

    • Lindsay Walden - How to Build a Luxury Brand

    • Sandra Moffatt - Working with Props

    • Day Six Complete

  • 9


    • Ana Brandt - working with props

    • Nikki Lenae - Newborn editing from start to finish

    • Sandra Moffatt - Working with Siblings/Composites

    • Sandra Moffatt - Working with Multiples

    • Shonda Feather - How to Deal with Difficult Clients

    • Day 7 complete with Audio

  • 10

    Sunday April 19th - Closing Ceremonies

    • Closing Notes - What you can do for your Business now

    • Where Do We Go From Here

    • How to get your Certificate

    • Certificate Video

    • Course will stay up thru Tuesday 9am GIVEAWAY IS OPEN

  • 11

    Bonus Content

    • Bonus Material: Nikki Lenae - Milestone edit

    • Editing backing image with MJ Biasi

    • Lizzy McMillan: BTS of a Newborn Cot

    • Deborah Koch: Fine Art Edit

    • Ana Brandt : Yard Signs

    • Wall Guides Mini Set

Social proof: testimonials

“An amazing experience this week, thanks to all the teachers. I did enjoy every single class and learnt a lot.. Thanks Ana Brandt and bellybabysummit it was incredible. ”


“I just want to say thank you so much for this Ana, I really have learned so much. I never knew their was this much I didn’t know. ”


“This is absolutely the best thing ever and I am so grateful! I've actually booked two maternity sessions "future lockdown" so this has come at the best time ♡ thank you, thank you, thank you! ”


“Thank you Ana Brant for such powerful words..I have been following your work for quite a long time now and learning a lot from you.. you are amazing.. And Thank you so much for all of the teachers here for such a great effort.. you all are wonderful people.. I did enjoy every single class and learnt a lot.. love you all.. thank you.. ”


“ I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you for sharing your knowledge and talent with us so freely! You have inspired me so much! Your work is beautiful even with the stand in baby! ☺️💕 What is the oldest baby you have wrapped? ”


“Thank you Denise for sharing this beautiful concept Appreciate the time you took to explain all the little extra points, for safety, for wrapping dual purpose and also to reuse the flower images. ”


“Wow this was a truly inspirational video that has made my day - thank you!!! Am loving this summit and so grateful to have it (I live in the UK so would never have had access to it normally). Thanks also to Ana for creating this wonderful opportunity in difficult times. Rays of sunshine! ”


“This is amazing content curated from such talented instructors. Thank you for your time and generosity💕 ”


“Thank you so much to you Ana and all of the amazing teachers who have been here this week! I have SUCH an information overload its AWESOME!!! Thank you also for the option to purchase this content because I know I need to have it to look back on and catch the ones I haven't been able to watch totally! <3 ”


“I've been shooting new borns for 6 years and I try to learn something new every day, (even at the moment! ) This summit has already been amazing, I'm so looking forward to the rest of the week..Nino ”