The Videography Workshop

For all levels who want to take their work to a new level. | taught by Ana Brandt
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Ana Brandt
Ana Brandt

About the instructor

Ana Brandt has been a professional photographer for more than 19 years. She's been teaching for  11 years. She is an international speaker and leads a successful studio in Tustin, California.

Ana Brandt ha sido fotógrafa profesional desde hace más de 19 años. Ha estado enseñando durante casi 11 años. Es conferencista internacional y dirige un exitoso estudio en Tustin, California.

For the first time ever, Ana Brandt, Alex Robles and Evan Brandt are teaming up together to teach you a one of a kind online course on Videography for marketing your Business.

This course is now open.


This course if for Photographers of ALL levels who want to take their work to the next level with video. Whether you are just starting out with video, or have been working with video for awhile - you WILL benefit from this course!


Ana Brandt has been a Photographer for over 18 years. As she heads into year 19, her youtube channel has over 28million views, and over 130k subscribers. Her other channel has over 8 million views and over 35k subscribers.

Ana's videos regularly pass thru over 50 viral sites and have hit over 80 countries.

Ana started with just a FLIPCAM by herself with no paid videographer at all! In fact, she had reached well over 1million views before she ever even hired a Videographer.

Alex Robles has been working with Ana for over 7 years and provides videography for Ana's clients and workshops around the world.

Evan Brandt - Ana's son, graduated from High School just this year and requested a Gap Year. In his first month of his Gap year he was hired to film a Documentary in Europe for a booming Firm that is going global.

Spend Four weeks with these three as they break down what videography truly is - how you can apply it now to your Business and how to take your work to the next level and reach a wider audience.

In this Course, we will cover the following Topics.

Video basics overview:
What equipment do you really need
Phone overview

Interviews with Ana Brandt, Alex Robles and Evan Brand on how their journey began in Video.

Personal video by Ana Brandt.

Ana's marketing shift info Video Marketing.

How to do it yourself- what tools to use. Editing, color and online delivery.

Creating, Editing, Curating and Marketing your Video content.

Basic 101 Video development.

Promotional Videos

Marketing Videos

Customer Videos

Marketing and Selling your Video

  • Instructions for:
  • Doing video alone
  • The child videographer
  • The Intern videographer

The professional videographer

YouTube basics
What you need to know about propagating your videos

Animoto or other programs why or why not.

Working with sound - choosing music.

Screen recording as well as basic editing using Premier and iMovie.

Dressing the part: Does the camera add weight - SELF ASSIGNMENTS!

What do people really want to see

Video for the introvert
Video for the extrovert

Consistency in marketing your visual Brandt


Screen video and oh so much more!


We just started this new course, and here is what people are saying....

This video course has sparked a huge interest in me to capture these moments & I am so grateful to you for all that you are doing.  Not only am I planning on using the skills you & the boys are teaching us in my business, but I plan to also use it for my family too.  You are truly amazing & one of a kind.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I loved that you did it in this order 😉. This way I was able to make small (really small) promo video of my photos with Alex’s directions without actually knowing how to do video 😃 (ps: loved Alex)

So simple, thank you thank you!

And we are just getting started! Thanks everyone!

Course Contents

17 Videos
3 Audios