Underwater Baby & Maternity

a beginners course for shooting in underwater | taught by Carla Durante
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Carla  Durante
Carla Durante
Underwater Instructor

About the instructor

Carla Durante is a Brazilian newborn photographer that started shooting underwater portraits in the middle of 2016 and soon she’s become reference in her country when water is the environment. She is also one of the co-founders and the Communication Director of ABFRN, the Brazilian association of newborn photographers (www.ABFRN.com.br ), a non-profit association. Graduated in Social Communication with bachelor degree in Publicity and Advertising, she has found out her passion for Photography traveling and photographing nature and people around Brazil and several Asian countries during her vacations periods. So she has decided to deeply study photography to be able to take great shots which could help her to tell more about her adventures. From there to quitting her long term job as Art Editor in major Brazilian TV network to dedicate to photography was just a matter of time  So she has been a newborn photographer since this kind of photography arose in Brazil 7 years ago. Passioned for working with creativity in various personal projects, one of them has leaded her to go deep in the underwater photography. Since then she reinvents herself in each underwater session as a new challenge and now she will be in the US to tell us about her techniques and creation processes.

This course includes a Three Hour Teaching Video in 3 Parts.





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