What you will learn

this is a 30 day bootcamp with a schedule of release topics that come over 30 days with some challenges along the way for you to do! Join us our first lesson launches evening of March 29.

  • Where to Start with Video and Social Media

  • Best tools and apps to use

  • Selling video to your clients

  • Marketing your Products and Services

  • Savvy Social with Tik Tok, Instastories and Reels

  • Facebook Video and Marketing

  • Getting Started or Elevating YouTube

  • and more!

Video Marketing and Selling

Opening Intro and lesson March 29th

Class official timeline April 1-April 30th

Lessons Drop Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Next Lesson drops

March 29 then April 1 for this week.

Throughout this course we will show behind the scenes in 360 format, and using other cameras. We will explain the process for everything we do and film. This is a video based course. All lessons come in video.

April 1 - Tools, Resources, Apps, what do you need to get started and work on all platforms

April 6 - Preparing, Marketing and selling Videos as an offering to your client.

April 8 - Creating Reels in your session workflow.

April 13 - -Creating and editing your videos.

April 15 - Your YouTube vision and future. Community, merch, keywords and media

April 20 - How to incorporate Tik Tok into the production workflow. Creating and marketing included.

April 23 - Propagating content across platforms, cross marketing and monetization.

April 27 - Product marketing and selling using video.

April 30 - When and how to delegate and schedule your video marketing and media work