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Course curriculum

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    • Ana Brandt: Opening Keynote: Building your Business Regardless

    • Barkha Agarwal - How to Start a Maternity Photography Business & Thrive

    • Carrie Carpunky: 6 month milestone editing

    • Carrie Carpunky: newborn editing

    • Karen Bagley - Shoot and Burner to IPS: Getting Started with In Person Sales

    • Carrie Carpunky - Sitter video

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    • Lizzy McMillan & Shonda Feather - Our Favorite Things: (lights, props, tools of the trade)

    • Lizzy McMillan & Shonda Feather - Twins Chin on Hands Pose on Bean Bag

    • Michelle Brewster - Buzz and Growth Giveaway Roadmap

    • Kristin Baker - newborn editing

    • Kristin Baker - Newborn family Editing

  • 5


    • Barkha Agarwal - Getting Creative: Create Stunning Maternity Looks Using Inexpensive Dresses & Fabric

    • MJ Biasi - Beach Maternity

    • Lizzy McMillan & Shonda Feather - Twins in a Bowl: Potato and Ying and Yang Poses

  • 6


    • Ana Brandt - Sibling + Newborn

    • Ana Brandt - Sibling edit

    • Ana Brandt - Adorable sibling + newborn video 2

    • Lizzy McMillan & Shonda Feather -Twins Tucked In Pose on a Cot (Dog Bed)

    • MJ - Posing with Mommy

  • 7


    • Lizzy McMillan & Shonda Feather - Outdoor Maternity with Studio Light

    • Margaret Hanafi - Side Laying Newborn Pose + Editing

    • MJ - Wrapping

    • Carrie Carpunky - Recording Actions from Presets

  • 8


    • Barkha Agarwal - How I Edit Maternity Portraits

    • Ana Brandt. - Posing Newborn in Highchair

    • Angelica Sam - Wrapping

    • Kara Taylor - Lifestyle Photography: How to Capture Daily Life of Families

  • 9


    • Kirsten Spencer - Back to School Sessions

    • Kirsten Spencer - Back to School Sessions Edit

    • Ana Brandt - Beanbag

    • Ana Brandt - Bowls

    • Ana Brandt - Buckets

    • Ana Brandt - Wrapping a Bucket

    • Ana Brandt - wedding bucket

    • Closing Keynote

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    • Podcast

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“Thank you Ana for the nuggets of wisdom. The wedding gown/veil idea is ingenious, shows how to incorporate something sentimental from the clients. Your series of rapid fire 🔥 class sessions 👏 brief and impactful, wrapped up a wonderful summit! Thank you for sharing and the entire panelist too especially all of your time. Asante! ”


“Hey Everyone! My name is Krystal and I own Krystal Klear Photography. I LOVED the first summit and am excited for this summit as well! Thank you for putting this together and thank you to all of the teachers for sharing your knowledge with all of us!!”


“I'm always so sad when the Summit is over. I learn something in every teacher's presentation! Thank you Ana and crew for providing such a great event/experience! ”


“Thank you Ana Brant for such powerful words..I have been following your work for quite a long time now and learning a lot from you.. you are amazing.. And Thank you so much for all of the teachers here for such a great effort.. you all are wonderful people.. I did enjoy every single class and learnt a lot.. love you all.. thank you.. ”


“ Thank you Ana and to all the teachers that have given up time for both this and volume one. I am still in Lockdown in Scotland but I have learned so much I am itching to get back to work and put it all into practice. ”


“Thank you, Ana, for being such an inspiration! You have inspired me to do more and dream big! You are an amazing teacher and I can’t thank you enough for this course, and a big thank you to all the wonderful teachers in the summit as well. I can definitely say that I am finishing this summit with more knowledge than what I had when I started the it. Thank you once again :-). ”


“Hi Ana, Very WOW, what a great Summit vol. 4! Fantastic content, great teachers, very helpful and actionable tips. Lovin' your videos and inspirational talks - so when are you going on a TedTalk stage? :) Can't wait to visit you again in your studio in Tustin for another maternity/newborn workshop (most likely next year) a bit terrified flying with all that covid situation. All the best and keep crushing! xx ”


“This is amazing content curated from such talented instructors. Thank you for your time and generosity💕 ”


“Thank you so much Ana for develop those amazing 4 Summits. A lot to thank too to the amazing teachers we had in the last months. I definitely the quarantine was more easy because of you and your team. ”


“Ana, I cant thank you enough for giving of your time to educate others. This Summit has been amazing and I have learnt so much over the last four summits. Thanks also to the other photographers who's enthusiasm is infectious and drives us to step out of our comfort zones to increase our knowledge and take the next step to improve our business. ”