Welcome to a New Year of Learning. In 2016 we taught over 1200 students in our Learning Center. We learned that on demand training is so important to busy Photographers. In 2016 our classes had a set beginning and end time which required students who wanted interaction to participate over a certain length of time. While this was great, it was not realistic for the busy Photographer. In 2017 we are moving to this new Learning Center to allow for on demand training. In this new system, Students will be able to sign on at their leisure, while still receive the help they need with personal guidance.

We thank you for following us and supporting our work. We hope in return - we can help you be more successful.

For help visit support@theartofpregnancyandnewborn.com

Geoff and Ana Brandt


Interested in in person training?

Ana Brandt's In Person workshops - http://www.workshops.taopanonline.com

MAY Conference with 23 speakers - http://www.bellybabybeyond.net