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Our latest course is here! Packed with audio, video and tons of information to get you on the right track with your minis. Whether you have provided minis for years or are just starting out this course will help you fine tune them and make them profitable.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Mastering Minis!

  • 2

    First things First

    • Creating and Determining Minis - the need for the Market

    • What are the Benefits and why you should offer Minis

  • 3

    Prep and Guidelines

    • Guidelines

    • Client Prep

    • Client Questionnaire

    • Prep and Test

    • Covid Clause + gift

    • Tree Farm/ Location Session Client Prep template

    • Holiday/Fall Studio Minis Client Prep Template

  • 4

    Booking and Scheduling

    • Online Booking

    • Schedule for Session Day

    • Online Galleries

    • The Gallery Email

    • Timelines and Delivery

  • 5

    Shooting Minis

    • Session overview - Santa Behind the scenes

    • The Truck Inspired Session

    • Must have items

    • Mini Session Inspiration Guide

    • Are you prepared?! Minis during covid!

  • 6


    • Market Market and Market some More

    • Promo Video - Models

    • Client Tree Farm Promotional Video - 2018

    • 2019 Client end of season Promotional video

    • Facebook video sample

    • iPhone video - Truck in the Orchards

  • 7


    • Pricing and Packages for general mini sessions

    • Summer Specials - reduced pricing and packages

    • Rules of the Game

    • Mini Themed Packaging Samples

    • So how do you price minis?

    • Products and Offerings

  • 8


    • Let's get to work...ending audio

    • Things I learned new this year...

What you will Learn

  • Pricing

    I discuss my current pricing structure, as well as history of how I used to price and how I evolved. There are samples of real packages that you can implement.

  • Marketing

    How can you market? Where to market? What is the best way to get the word out, and how do you ever everyone booked quickly? We will discuss all this and more.

  • Session Day

    We will discuss shooting day - the prep before and after. What you need to be prepared and how to successful execute a mini session.

Master your Minis!

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