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    Sunday June 21, 2020 Day One

    • Ana Brandt: The New Normal

    • Cindy Saechao - Safety Tips During the Pandemic

    • Malia Battilana - The Client Experience

    • Kristen Nicotra

    • Cindy Saechao - Milesone sessions

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    Monday June 22nd Day Two

    • Karen Bagley - One Light Wonder

    • Jonathan Tilley - How to Write an Awesome About Me Page

    • Jena Rae Ashley Torres - Fresh 48

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    Tuesday June 23rd Day Three

    • Michelle Brewster - Outdoor Newborn Sessions

    • Kristen Nicotra - Getting Back Into the Grind: Cake Smash Post Pandemic

    • Shonda Feather - Forecasting Your Business for Success

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    Wednesday June 24th

    • Lizzy McMillan - Flattering Studio Maternity Posing and Maternity Milk Bath

    • Kristen Nicotra- Tub Splash

    • Barkha Agarwal - Creating Maternity Portraits that Sell

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    Thursday June 25th

    • Esohe Alile - Newborn Editing

    • Esohe Alile - Maternity Editing

    • Kristen Nicotra - Twinkle Lights

    • Barkha Agarwal - Creating Maternity Portraits with Me: Behind the Scenes, Lightroom Cull & Final Look

    • Ana Brandt - Lessons Learned

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    Friday June 26th

    • Shonda Feather - Bucket Posing

    • Casey Dittmer - Flow Posing: Efficiently Maximizing Your Maternity Sessions

    • Angelica Sam - Styling and Keeping it Simple

    • Ana Brandt - Newborn Lighting

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    Saturday June 26

    • Schedule and How this Works

    • Allan Chan & Ivy Chua

    • Huong Nham Thi Lan - Working with Bigger Babies

    • Ana Brandt - Workflow

    • Ana Brandt - Newborn Editing Video

    • Ana Brandt Closing Comments

    • Certificate Information PLEASE READ

Social proof: testimonials

“Ana, thank you so much for doing what you do and being here for us. im writing from Chicago and I’ve been very unsettled. I can’t get into any books (I’m an avid reader) I can’t get into my meditations, music or other usually calming things for me. BUT, I’ve found I can listen and learn from you. You are my book, my meditation, my music, my sanity. Thank you!!! ”


“You are a wonderful inspiration!! Love these summits...have learned so much. Want to thank you and all the teachers as each one has shared something i needed to know! ”


“Thankyou Ana. This summit is really special because we got to see "live" models instead of SIB. Thanks to you and all the other wonderful teachers. ”


“Anna I'm so grateful to you for organising another brilliant summit week of fantastic teaching videos. ”


“Thank you for this amazing opportunity to learn from so many people in the industry but online. Wish I would not have missed the 1st 2 but will try to afford them later. You are amazing for our industry thank you for sharing your, and others skills to help me. You rock. ”


“Many thanks to all the panelists for the time and knowledge shared with us. Amazing so far. Looking forward to tomorrow. ”


“Lots of love Ana 2 HOURS AGO Thank you so much Ana. I am very proud that I could learn from all 3 summits. Cant wait for the rest. You are an amazing person, a legend. And a true inspiration. Learning everything as much I possibly can from you. Thank you is such a small word for you Ana. Lots of love and respect. 👏 🙏”


“Thank you for always trying (& succeeding) at creating such amazing content for Photographers all across the world. Getting together so many brilliant minds on one single platform is no easy feat to achieve but you do it everytime, and that too so well. Ever so grateful to you for that. Thank you. ”


“Wow! Thanks for your words! very wise ones. Yes, if I give it a thought, I wish I would have done a lot of things different from the beginning, but never is late to change for better! Thank you Ana, this Summit has been amazing!, It has been very motivating and inspirational. I've learned so much with every video. Now, new way of thinking and visualizing my business. So many things to do better with all the tips of such many great photographers. I'm getting the Summit so I can view it over and over, every time I need to go back to review tips and editing. And yes, the best is yet to come! Thanks again, God bless you and keep safe! ”


“I discovered you on instagram because of your beautiful images and having been part of all three of your summits, I have discovered that your talents extend way beyond being.a gifted photographer. Your genuine kindness and drive to encourage and teach others is a gift so thank you very much for inspiring and teaching so many of all from all around the world! You are truly an inspiration! ”